Tuesday, 1 November 2011

E-petition - attempt number two

I'm submitting a second application to the epetitions site. It still needs to be approved by the epetitions moderators, so no one can sign it yet.

If this one isn't approved, I will need help wording my third submission.

Title: Minister for Disabled People to prove they are working toward equality.

Body: Our current Minister for Disabled People is overseeing massive changes in the welfare state that will negatively impact on Disabled People, is allowing the media to go unchallenged on producing smear stories and misinformation that undermine Disabled People's work towards equality, and is allowing public perceptions of disabled people as being "genuine" or "not genuine" to flourish.

I believe Maria Miller, current Minister for Disabled People is not fulfilling her role and as such is wasting taxpayer's money. Her effectiveness in her role should be independantly investigated.


  1. It has to be approved by the epetitions site before anyone can sign it. My last submission wasn't approved, so I've reworded it.

    I'll post like a demon once the petition goes live!